At 3:00 am on a freezing February morning, 48 students (ranging from Year 8 to Year 11) boarded their coach bound for Heathrow Airport. After getting some sleep on the coach the boys checked in and went through security. Despite several boys having to be scanned again, including myself, we were finally able to amble around the shops and restaurants that Terminal 2 had to offer! After grabbing lunch we then boarded our two-hour flight to Vienna, Austria. When our flight landed it was straight onto a five-hour coach journey to our resort, with a classic stop for an Austrian McDonald’s! On arriving at the Buchegg Hotel in Saalbach we were allocated our room, where we unpacked before going down for our first dinner of the week and our ski and boot fittings down at the locker rooms.

The next morning was our first day of skiing and after being organised into groups we got out onto the slopes. It was a brilliant day for skiing and all the students thoroughly enjoyed their first day. There was just one broken ski at the end of the day!

As the days went on the boys became more confident skiers and everyone improved massively. On the second night, our evening entertainment was a team quiz night organised by the staff. In our rooms, we had to answer numerous question sheets on lots of different topics! It was a really fun evening and became very competitive at times. Another highlight in the evening was watching James Bond in the cinema room with bags of snacks that we had brought from the Spar earlier that day. By the time the end of the week came, we just didn’t want to go home. It had been an incredible experience.

A huge thank you must go to Mr Lunnon, Mr Buchanan, Mrs Black, Mrs Whittle and Mr Robertson who gave up their half term to help make the ski trip an even better memory that will stay with us forever.