The 2017 performance of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels left this year’s company of Year 9-13 students with a mammoth task of maintaining the exceptional standards of Challoner’s musicals for this year’s performance of Our House. The four shows last week, including a sold out final night, managed to prove just that, creating a phenomenal production for both audiences and those involved.

Our House follows the story of Camden lad Joe Casey, whose terrible decision on the night of his 16th birthday changes his life forever, with Joe splitting into two personalities: Good Joe and Bad Joe. Joe’s deceased father ties the two stories together, as Joe tries to win over the girl of his dreams, Sarah, and save his beloved Casey Street.

Featuring the music of Madness, crowd sing-alongs were not uncommon, with numbers ranging from the chaotic, wild Baggy Trousers to the party atmosphere in Wings of a Dove and of course the classic It Must Be Love. The cast had spent the past three months learning the songs, complex dance routines and as a member of the chorus I found the combination of both particularly challenging. Mr Tansley, Ms Ashton and Mr Flower’s endless work ensured all the pieces came together to make for a massive spectacle.

The musical was an incredible experience to be part of and I am extremely sad that this will be the last one I do at DCGS. A gigantic LED screen, dazzling lighting, an exceptional live band, exciting costumes and makeup and professional microphones could only have come together with the enormous workload put in by the tech crew and many members of staff behind the scenes to create four nights of pure brilliance. As put quite fittingly in Baggy Trousers, ‘Oh what fun we had!’

Thanks must go to Mr Anning for the photography