This week was important for many of the students who take an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) as it marked the annual EPQ Exhibition. This event is out on to allow Year 12 students to showcase the work and research they have been undertaking for the last six months.

An EPQ is a project that students opt to take when they choose their A Level subjects. Primarily, it involves researching a topic of interest in great depth; how you choose to present that is up to you. The vast majority of students choose to write a five thousand word essay which best allows them to talk in depth about what they have found and also allows them to learn how to properly reference sources in preparation for university. For students whose research does not fit an essay format, they can choose to create a product to present their research. These can range from films, websites, or in my case, a physical product which I produced (a hand-held games console).

Games console
View renders and code for Max's project

The project can be very rewarding as it allows students to look at a topic they might not normally think about whilst in a school setting. It can also let them further their knowledge in a subject they are passionate about, past the curriculum that they might study in school. This is especially useful with many students now looking at which university course they might want to take after their secondary education.

The exhibition evening was an event designed for students to be able to present their research to teachers, parents and other students throughout the school. There were a wide range of topics on the evening ranging from looking at why electric cars have not caught on as quickly as they could have to investigating issues around transgender individuals, particularly children.

The evening ran smoothly for the students presenting, warming up to their audience as the event went on. The most exciting thing for me was seeing how interested and passionate students were about their projects and I felt this truly reflected the amount of work they have clearly put in.

I would like to thank Ms Nicholls and the Sixth Form Team for organising the evening and supporting all the students throughout the year.