This week, Year 11 Drama showcased the work they have spent weeks building up to. In their final GCSE performances, following some intelligent devised work seen earlier this year, they were this time performing set adaptations of classic texts.

The hard work involved in this process culminated not only in deep character analyses but also research into the play contextually. Extracts were each about 20 minutes long, and every student was required to play more than one character, to demonstrate different acting styles. The costume changes here were very well achieved, with actors swapping roles in seemingly no time at all.

The texts included Lord of the Flies, The Proposal, The Bear, Metamorphosis, Brecht’s The Exception and the Rule and finally The Measures Taken. The small groups - of four to eight students each - conveyed their narratives, and used the performance space, efficiently and effectively. Performing for two consecutive evenings to full audiences, it was a pleasure to watch such well-rehearsed and committed players. Personally, I was particularly impressed with James Miles, who was humorous and engaging in his group's performance of Anton Chekhov’s The Bear.

As a Year 10 Drama student, watching the performances was a practical use of my time as well as being entertaining. As I made notes in the break, I found that there was a lot to be learnt from and taken as inspiration, with the performances from the older students leaving me with a desire to portray more complex and varied characters. It was a pleasure to be a part of the audience, and I hope for all the very best for these students in their examinations.