Last Wednesday, members of the Badminton squad from the lower school had the exciting opportunity to watch the annual prestigious ‘Yonex All England’ Badminton Championships, featuring the best players from around the globe. Our 17-strong cohort embarked on the 2 hour journey up to Birmingham with great excitement.

With the trophy!

We arrived in high spirits, eager with anticipation for what was ahead. The day truly began when we stepped inside the arena, the buzz of the crowd, the tense atmosphere, the squeaking of shoes running across the court and the satisfying WHACK of a shuttle being hit....this is the sport at its finest!

However the day wasn’t only one of simply entertainment, it was also a very educational experience, and watching players of such a high calibre was very valuable to all of us. Four hours later we piled back onto the coach, slightly less energetic now than when we had arrived, and settled in for the journey back. Overall it was a very enjoyable trip and we all gained a lot from it, our thanks must go to Mr. Cadman and all others involved for such a smashing day.