This week saw the return of House Maths, after a few years away. Talented mathematicians from Years 7 to 10 assembled at lunch times throughout the week to pit their wits and their mental arithmetic skills against one another, in a series of rapid-fire timed challenges. More than just answering questions, some of the tasks required the teams to generate answers that were needed to solve subsequent problems, requiring strategy and forward planning to use the time most effectively.

At the end of it all the competitors had been put through their paces, but left feeling invigorated by the challenge. The contest was hard fought by students in all years and houses, but ultimately it was Rayner who proved strongest across the board, coming in first place in both Years 7 and 8 and coming in the top three in Years 9 and 10. Holman also put in a good performance, followed by Pearson and Newman.

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Prior to the main event, each team was asked to produce a poster on a mathematical topic. The quality of research was excellent: here you can see a sample of the submissions.

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