Learning in Action

As part of their historial enrichment, some of Year 9 went down to Old Amersham to explore the past of our own town. We began by walking down the hill to Old Amersham and you could tell the boys were ready to learn about Amersham before the 21st century. Upon arriving in the old town we had a beautiful reading of a poem outside St Mary’s church, before splitting up into our respective classes. Next we visited the memorial gardens or the museum (the two start places for the trail) and from there we followed an electronic trail around the old town, writing notes along the way.

Amersham Town Hall

Throughout the trail there were around thirty different stops, each adding to all our knowledge on local history during the war. Overall this trip was interesting, enriching and enjoyable and we all learnt a lot and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thanks to all who organised it and made it happen.