Counter attack - Daniel New, Year 12
Taking the shot - Daniel New, Year 12

With the end of term approaching, everyone was keen to have their impact on the House Competition and House Hockey provided the perfect opportunity to have an effect at a critical time.

It was a terrific display of the incredible talent in hockey shown by a large number of our students, and the competition undoubtedly lived up to expectations as one of the largest and most anticipated events of the year.

Giving chase

In the Year 7 competition, Pearson emerged as the decisive victors, impressively powering through their competition without conceding a single goal. Thorne won the Year 8 competition, followed by Pearson and Holman. In the Year 9 competition, the winners were again Pearson who did the best overall in House Hockey. Finally, in Year 10 Holman were victorious, meaning that the current 10 Holman have won all their House Hockey competitions since Year 7.

It was a great competition - well done to all the boys who participated.