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The backbone of modern society is technology. It's in our kitchens, our studies, our bathrooms, our lounges and now even in our classrooms. Many schools have adopted this new craze and used it to benefit our education. Here at Dr Challoner’s Grammar School we have put in place a project called technology in the classroom. It consists of giving each year the use of iPads in order to enrich our learning and so far it has succeeded. With engagement at an all time high both the efficiency and enjoyment of learning have been improved.

Two years ago our current year 9 were given iPads as an experiment to see whether the use of technology in the classroom improved our learning. It was exciting to be the guinea pigs of a project that could revolutionise the education system. In the first few terms of year 8 the students and teachers were getting to grips with this new way of learning and finding out the most effective ways of using the new tools.

Once we were used to using ipads our experience has been smooth and effective. From our point of view we couldn't live without our iPads because it has improved our organisation, productivity and independence. The overall feeling among our year is that our learning has been enriched and more enjoyable. Being able to hand in our work from home has increased our time keeping and efficiency.

The results show that the test has been a success so far. So will other schools take a risk that will improve the way their students work by using tablets as learning tools?