History is useless. Sadly, to many people this long-heralded view of History seems to be so true. Yet for a fortunate few, many of whom are at Challoner’s, History is an enthusing subject instead addressing the most important issues and more namely, kingdoms, plagues and bloodshed that have been the make-up of the modern political, social and economic globe.

It is these people, led by Mr Buchanan and a group of sixth formers, who have been instrumental in establishing a new History Society. Regardless of prior knowledge, the society’s weekly meetings are crafted to intrigue, inspire, and invigorate an innate passion for our past in all those who attend. Having addressed numerous wide-ranging topics outside of the History curriculum, sessions have seen presentations by various staff, students and visitors on obscure topics including 'The Last Samurai’ and ‘Amersham’s Role in Women Getting the Vote’. Also covered have been topics much closer to the surface of modern-day life, with an insightful presentation on the origins of the Ukraine-Russia conflict deep-rooted in the Cold War.

History does not only serve as a reminder of our repeated mistakes: we are freed from the chains of past human error and instead are expected to exceed the feats of yesterday. This notion of ambition and personal growth runs so deeply through the Challoner’s community that many will undoubtedly see the merits of History, and the time to discuss it more deeply than the week’s timetable allows.

The History Society meets every Wednesday in West Court. Please ask Mr Buchanan in the History office for more information.