Back in March, before final exams loomed for the Year 11 students, the performance of Macbeth came as an exciting and helpful visual representation to jog their memories of the play and aid their analysis of it at the same time. It was a brilliant performance with some really insightful takes on different aspects of the play which many had not considered before.

The performers were given 60 minutes to act out this tragedy - for context, most productions of Macbeth would span numerous hours. In this short adaptation, there was barely a dramatic, comedic or tragic moment that went untouched and everyone was appreciative of the skill it takes to perform any play with just three actors and actresses.

The fast pace and tempo of such an action packed performance was a great spectacle for all students in attendance and no doubt an array of images and dialogues from the play will have been used in the Yr11s GCSE English examinations.