Following a successful practice expedition in Chiltern District, 140 boys took to Wiltshire in the final component of their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award.

Capably organised by the staff at Ocean Rock Adventure, the two days in May began with a six-hour walk - the sun, for now, shining. Far from a test of purely physical fitness, navigation, teamwork and a positive attitude were essential for a successful expedition. Thankfully, Mr Sharp had briefed us well, bearing in mind lessons from the practice two months earlier. To bridge the two days, we were tested on our camp craft, to allow for needed energy and rest for the next day.

The hours of sunshine were no longer after establishing ourselves in our tents. Thankfully, torrential rain settled into moderately heavy rain for the second day of walking. Groups generally made it in good time back to Banbury Castle. Here, they were signed off for a well-earned rest!