This year Dr Challoner's Grammar School was named the eighth-best sporting school in the UK, and hence the best non-independent sporting school. This can be put down to our success in many different sports, as well as our facilities and P.E staff. For example, our U13/14 cross country running team placed 1st at a national level after much hard work and effort. Over the years, the P.E team has been dedicated to our success as a strong force in the school sports world, with rugby, cricket and hockey teams winning trophies and reaching finals consistently. We have also excelled as a school at other sports such as badminton, table tennis and athletics.

We have demonstrated that we have a wide variety of sports that students can choose from. As well as this, our school is home to many athletes who pursue their chosen disciplines at a very high standard. In the Year 9 cricket team alone, seven of our players represent Buckinghamshire County. Overall, this is recognition at the national level of our meticulous sports programme and this should be greatly celebrated! We are extremely proud of our banner (below) which is displayed at the front of the school.