On the 11th and 12th of June, a Challoners delegation of ten Senior School Officials travelled to Wycombe Abbey for a two-day conference and development course on leadership. After an opening speech given by a Luxembourgian Princess, who shared her experiences in the military and in her work at the UN, the students were given various challenges to complete in small teams, with the horrors of rain in summer being quickly forgotten. The Challoners group quickly integrated with their Wycombe Abbey and John Hampden counterparts, impressing the teachers and mentors with their ability to lead small groups.

Wednesday was to prove even more challenging, with a full day at Wycombe Abbey. On arriving, the students had an insightful talk given by an army colonel whose stories of the recruitment process reminded students of the need for resolve and determination. This message would prove extremely timely as the team undertook various challenging outdoor activities that stretched the logic skills of the smaller teams whilst the leader of each activity was given detailed evaluations and feedback. Being a British summer, towards the end of the day the students were tested by an onslaught of rain with the logical antithesis to this being provided in the form of an ice cream truck! The conference provided a great opportunity for all the students to nurture their leadership abilities and enjoy solving various puzzles in a fantastic environment.

The following week, on Thursday, saw Year 12 turn their thoughts to life beyond Challoner's when it will be time to venture out of ‘leafy Bucks.’ The Higher Education Conference, held at The King’s Church in Amersham, provided amazing opportunities for students to begin their UCAS application process in an easy and secure way. They received an expert talk on how to write a personal statement and even Q&A sessions from both former Challoner's pupils and Warwick University students, offering key, first hand information from a student perspective.

University can be an extremely scary prospect: moving away from home for the first time, increased workload pressure, financial insecurity and the application process. This evening, however, made starting the transition from Challoners to the big wide world clearer, easier, simpler, and maybe a little less scary.

Many thanks to@KCAmersham for hosting and @warwickuni, DCGS alumni & tutors for supporting today's enjoyable, insightful and successful Higher Education Conference for our Year 12 students as they continue their @DCGS_Careers journey preparing for life after Challoner’s. pic.twitter.com/uxEgwoKK8g

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