A great turnout
Fully committed!

After the success of mixed House Netball in the Autumn Term, it was once again time for the students in Year 12 to compete for glory. Although netballs became softballs and bibs became bases, there was still the same sense of enthusiasm and house spirit amongst the students; who completely threw themselves into the competition, and sometimes even the floor when desperately trying to catch the other team out!

Once Mr Sharpe had explained the rules, the houses were split into two groups with each house playing two others. The matches were dynamic and exciting and had moments ranging from ecstasy from the batting team when their players scored runs, to celebration from the fielding team when they caught one of the batters out, with the occasional passionate argument over whether or not players had made it to the base before the fielders had caught the ball.

All in all the afternoon was a huge success, made even better by the addition of ice lollies halfway through thanks to the PE Team, and credit must go to Mr Deadman and his team for organising such a fun competition. However, as is always the way with competitions, at the end of it all one team had to be victorious. After a series of close matches, Rayner came out on top, followed by Holman and Pearson in joint second with Foxell finishing third. Well done to everyone who took part!

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A light jog after a home run!
Big Swing, Big Ping