Year 10 students studying GCSE Geography recently had the opportunity to go out into Amersham and undertake some essential fieldwork. With the removal of coursework in the reformed GCSE, the data and analysis from this human fieldwork would form the basis of around half the questions on Paper 3 of the eventual Year 11 exams.

The groups were evenly divided between Old Amersham and Amersham-on-the-Hill, where we each perfomed various tasks such as environmental quality surveys, pedestrian and vehicle counts, identifying the land uses of Amersham and interviewing various people about their visits to Amersham. After a good session of data collection, we returned to school to begin our write-up for the investigation.

A geographical enquiry has many stages to it, and we were able to revisit the skills learnt from our Year 9 physical geography enquiry to begin the write-up, which is due to be finished by the end of the summer term. It involves forming hypotheses, completing a risk assessment, appropriately presenting the data we collected and analysing it, and evaluating the enquiry as a whole.

The trip gave us an enjoyable opportunity to use our geographical skills in the real world whilst making progress in our GCSE course at the same time. The write-up will prove vital when it comes to revision and it is a fantastic alternative to coursework. Thanks are owed to Mr Bushe and the Geography department for organising the visit.