On a sunny Tuesday morning, two groups of aspiring geographers visited our local river, the Chess, for a geography-themed enrichment day. We travelled down to the river by coach, put on our wellies, and traipsed down to the water, and, after a brief talk by our head of group, we waded in!

Wellies on!
The River Chess

We all had a variety of different jobs, including using a metre rule to measure depth and braving the current on the far bank to inspect for geographical features, but the most interesting job was definitely that of the "Orange-Man", who got to measure the velocity of the river by finding out how long it took for an orange to float down a metre.

Overall, our visit to the River Chess was an excellent opportunity to encourage our friends and have a laugh learning about rivers and the models that they conform to in a really hands-on and engaging way, and will certainly help with our geography back at school!