Challoners is proud to announce that three students - Cameron Reid (Year 9), Louis Southwell (Year 11) and Will Perkin (Year 12) - have been selected to represent Bucks at the national athletics finals.

The competition is being held at Gateshead International Stadium, which has a capacity of 11,800. Our atheletes were selected on merit after their outstanding performances in the county championships held in Milton Keynes. Louis Southwell will be competing in the 100m, and stands a great chance of having a good finish as he is on fantastic form and has run the distance in 10.9 seconds this year. Cameron Reid, Challoner's youngest participator, has run with a personal best of 2:03 in the 800m; whilst the oldest of the trio, Will Perkin, has a personal best of 1:53 in the 800m and 3:55 in the 1500m.

The completion is highly regarded and the vast majority of the Olympic team from 2004, 2008 and 2012 have competed at the event as juniors. Everyone from Challoner's wishes them the best of luck on 9th July, and it is worth mentioning that the event is being broadcasted live on Sky Sports so thousands of people across the UK will be tuning in to watch the events. Good luck!