On Tuesday 10th June, an array of delicious dishes were cooked by a selection of budding young cooks in Year 8. As soon as the time started, all the Houses rushed off to collect their ingredients and began to prepare them. There was much competition (and secrecy!) over what each House was cooking as the points gained from this could be crucial at the end of the year to secure a house victory.

Half an hour later, all the dishes were presented to the judges who were looking out for taste, presentation and the technical challenge of the dish. The results were very close, with 1 point between first and second. However, Newman's brownies and home made ice cream were, as Mr Cavanagh put it, 'To die for'. Foxell came second with their pasta with fresh pesto, smoothie and popcorn with peanut butter and maple syrup sauce (pictured), which won the Presentation award. Overall, the students all loved the experience that not only challenged their cooking skills but their ability to collaborate to create a delicious dish.