Another of the Year 9 activities week visits was to Ullswater for the Outward Bound course. The first full day was the most challenging by far: a 24 hour expedition up Helvellyn with an overnight bivouac on the summit at 950 metres (something never attempted before on this visit). They ate army-style ration packs and scrabbled back down again, only for another two days of more challenges. This was an expedition that would push all the students to their very limits and much further.

Other activities included gorge walking at Stickle Ghyll, scrambling (rock climbing at a steady gradient with no harness), climbing, rafting, and lots of water. At the end of each day the boys had a de-brief with some hot chocolate, which helped them reflect and recover after the day’s intense action.

Nathan Leach said, "at Outward Bound, we were always reminded of one thing; teamwork. There was always someone that needed help, be it on the expedition, where all they needed was a hand and a chatty friend, or a Roman handshake whilst helping others climb. We were always learning, always challenged, and most of all, we had an adventure”.