A total of 43 students and five members of staff set off for Zell am See in Austria during the Year 9 Activity Week for a Mountain Adventure.

Throughout the visit, the students experienced a whole range of activities that developed new skills and demanded the development of key learning habits. Water activities such as windsurfing, kayaking and sailing, along with mountain biking and canyoning were all experienced by the students and staff, with a range of success. Canyoning and white water river rafting were highlights for all members of the visit, where everyone was tested to the extreme and some were pushed far out of their comfort zones. With the students participating in some activities more than once, it allowed them to demonstrate their progression which numerous did, some speeding across the lake on their windsurfs.

Every evening the group enjoyed activities such as the pasta building competition, Danish long ball and beach Olympics. The students provided much amusement themselves especially during Robot Wars where the four teams created their own robots! The visit was a great success for all.