Year 7 Science Club, run by Sixth formers and the Science teachers, takes place on Tuesday lunchtimes. At Science Club we carry out practicals and investigations to extend our scientific knowledge. Some of the practicals and investigations we have completed include a rainbow fizz using Bunsen burners and maggot racing. We also investigated how to separate M&M food colouring from M&M’s.

At the start of the year we made a practical named Rainbow Fizz. We took the Bunsen burners out, got some matches and put the matches into acid/alkaline solutions. The results were outstanding. We all got different colours from the fire. For the maggot racing we all got a maggot from the Sixth formers. We put them on a sheet of paper and started racing them. It was very fun as we all showed lots of encouragement to our maggots. Most recently, we did the separation of food colouring from the M&M’s practical where all of the Year 7s had to find solutions to separate the food-colouring. We investigated various methods that could be used to separate the colours and considered the equipment needed. This was not only great for our investigation skills and to test what we’ve learnt in lessons, but also to develop our skills. If you are interested in Science Club, and are in Year 7, then come to B1 on Tuesday at lunchtime!