The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a standalone qualification taken by Year 12 students as part of our Challoner’s Baccalaureate curriculum in the Sixth Form. The EPQ extends and develops students' skills in independent research and project management beyond their A-level courses of study in preparation for university or their future career. It requires students to carry out research on a topic of their own choice to produce a written report or, in the case of practical projects, an artefact, to log their project journey and to present their findings and reflections to an audience.

Students would usually present at our annual EPQ Exhibition event attended by staff, students, parents and governors which unfortunately we were unable to hold this year due to the restrictions in place on gatherings during the pandemic. Below is a selection of just some of the student presentations which were originally delivered in class to fellow students and supervisors, showcasing the students’ work.

Andrew: Energy Usage in ChinaCharu: Neuroimaging in DepressionEva: Mental Health - Acute Injury & Chronic IllnessFlorence: Globalisation - the German Language & its DialectsHannah: Stem Cell Therapy & Parkinson's DiseaseIsha: Environmental Conditions & Mammalian EpigeneticsLuca: The Troubles in Northern IrelandMackenzie: A Website Tool for Public UseNik: A Song & Matching Visuals - Modern Alternative Rock Music Raish: An Original Screenplay - Yours, The CarerSamuel: Design a Bike Shed-Cafe-Pub-RestaurantTom: 1990s Hip-Hop & Modern Music