Over the course of the year, the newly-formed Eco Team have taken some confident first steps towards making the school a greener place to be. Around the site you will now find bird feeders and boxes, and most prominently the Team's first major initiative, expanding the recycling facilities available in school. Each form room now has a paper recycling bin and the canteen has increased options for food waste and plastic recycling, with an aim to develop this further and educate people about the need to care for the environment.

One experimental project this year has been growing out two areas of lawn as wildflower meadows - to see what's already there and to develop a plan for cultivating these areas. We have been particularly pleased to see a variety of wildflowers already, that are already attracting pollinators - but it has also been exciting to see three different species of orchid growing up amongst the grasses! Causing quite a stir in the Biology Department, we hope to be able to help these magnificent flowers flourish.

We are all excited for the new academic year - not only do we plan to do more around the school site, particularly planting, but we have also been in talks with the Chiltern Rangers about creating a nature reserve at the end of the school field. You'll hear more on this in the coming months!