The final term saw the Summer Play burst forth on to the Challoner’s stage, with this year's play being Treasure Island. Robert Louis Stevenson wrote the thrilling adventure in 1883, with the help of many inspirations that contributed to the development of the plot, the characters and the setting. The narration of the book lead to many adaptations, and inevitably Treasure Island was transformed into a play. Arguably, the most favoured choice is Stuart Paterson’s adaptation which was written in 2007. Well acclaimed among the critics, The Times stated that “Paterson has mastered the art of injecting new zest and colour into classic children’s stories” which many writers fail to accomplish.

Despite the pressure and limited rehearsal time, the cast of the summer production threw all their energy into creating three nights of fun, fast paced and adventurous entertainment for their audiences. From the most colourful and complex of characters such as Long John Silver (Josh Britten Year, 10), to the more modest and enthusiastic ones such as Jim Hawkins (Billy Grief-King, Year 9). Not to forget the outrageously posh but witty performances from Squire Trewlaney (Horatio Holloway), the man who invested in the construction of the ship and the choosing of the crew, but also his companion, Dr Livesey (Oliver Norton), who’s character is more than meets the eye; not only is he a respected doctor but also a magistrate, an important role in the rural society of southwest England.

Over the course of the two acts, Treasure Island delighted the audience through the actors' display of adventure and action, not to mention the outstanding choreography put into the sword fights and the live music performed by the Year 10’s..

A huge thank you goes to Mr Millar for directing the play, who helped us develop our acting skills and for his hard work and dedication in allowing the Summer Play to run smoothly. Many thanks also to all the cast and crew for their astounding efforts in the production. I’m confident everyone enjoyed being a part of it and I look forward to seeing what’s in store next summer.