Challoner's last charity fundraising event of the year was supporting people with epilepsy and those living with multiple sclerosis; a long-lasting disease that can affect your brain, spinal cord, and the optic nerves in your eyes causing problems with basic body functions. The money was fundraised for the local Chilterns MS Centre, and The Epilepsy Centre.

Close to home, our Chiltern MS Centre aim to help people living with multiple sclerosis (MS) by offering a number of life-changing and supportive therapies for patients. The treatments and support provided help change the quality of their daily life as this type of long term care is not available through the NHS. They treat 330 patients each week however minor or severe their disability. So it was empowering to see money being raised for these local heroes, truly making lives better and easier for people around us.

The Epilepsy Centre are the UK’s largest provider of specialist epilepsy care services, but are based in the Chilterns as well. They dedicate their time and effort to helping the half a million people living with epilepsy and so our Charity Day will hopefully contribute in a helpful and productive way.