Full List of Prizewinners

On what was, as usual, one of the warmest nights of the year, students and their parents gathered in the hall to celebrate another year of sport at Challoner’s. Prizes were awarded across the year groups for commitment, achievement and services to sport, and Junior Sports Colours were awarded to students in Year 10.

Highlights of the evening included a dual act introduction from Monty and Raph Weatherall (Year 12 and Year 8 respectively); inaugural awards for paid activities, including squash, fencing, swimming and strength & conditioning; and a truly inspirational talk from the guest speaker. This year we had the honour of welcoming Gareth Ainsworth, Wycombe Wanderers’ manager for the last six seasons, as our guest of honour. Gareth entertained and inspired with tales from his personal sporting journey; in particular, his encouragement to deal with not being selected as an opinion to be changed through hard work and perseverance struck a real chord.

It was also fantastic to see Outstanding Achievement trophies being awarded to Jonah Alfert for judo and James Hernandez for ice dancing and to listen to details of their incredible successes in their chosen sports.

Many thanks to the PE Team and the Parents’ Sport Strategy Committee for their hard work in organising the evening. Finally, congratulations again to all the winners.