In December, the school held its Christmas prize draw, and with it the annual competition between forms. The class that sells the most raffle tickets wins a prize of their own. After a flurry of ticket sales, 7 Thorne emerged as the winners, earning a trip to Thorpe Park in July!

When July came around everyone was in good spirits, looking forward to the day ahead. Arriving at Thorpe Park, we found it was quite busy, with many other schools there as well. We went around with each other and went on an array of rollercoasters, including the renowned Stealth, Tidal Wave and Nemesis Inferno. Despite some of the rides having queues up to two hours long, we still enjoyed plenty of thrills.

When our time at Thorpe Park had ended, we got the bus back to school with smiles on their faces, having enjoyed a wonderful day out.

The annual raffle is a key fundraiser for the Friends of Challoner's, allowing them to continue to support the school in a number of ways, including the recent purchase of new minibuses, pictured below. These will be put to use in a number of ways throughout the year, from sporting fixtures to day visits, to the epic Ridgeway Challenge available to Year 9. So as well as the possibility of an amazing day out at Thorpe Park, getting involved in raffle sales is a great way to improve the opportunities available to all students, all year round.