For Enrichment Day, Graphics students from Year 9, 10 and 12 were given the fantastic opportunity to visit the New Designers exhibition in London where they would see new and upcoming talent in the design industry.

Disembarking from the coach, students entered the majestic-looking Business Design Centre in Islington, with hundreds of exhibits from which students could draw inspiration for their own GCSE and A Level projects. Year 9 have only recently started their GCSE projects, so this visit provided them with an insight into the fascinating world of design.

The variety of exhibits was huge, including architectural and product design or visual design comprising animation, illustration and graphical work. There was fashion and furniture to see, and also more electronic exhibits including a very popular virtual reality stand, where users could create their own designs whilst inside a virtual platform.

However, the exhibition had a bigger target audience than students and many important companies were also there to discover aspiring new designers and recruit small, ambitious design groups that had come to display their products.

Many thanks to Mr Ampah-Korsah and Ms Nicholls for organising our visit to London.