With less than a year left at Challoner’s for the current Year 12 cohort, life after school is finished is a thought. To help them with this conundrum, a joint Careers Conference was arranged for students of both DCGS and DCHS.

Across the morning, each student was able to attend three careers panels lasting an hour each; this enabled them to cover all their interests and possible careers, with panels ranging from sports management and science to business and retail.

The day started with an introductory talk from Matt Rogan, the chairman of Two Circles, a sports marketing agency. He talked about the skills needed to make a successful career, which include having high emotional intelligence, knowing where things are going and pure hard work.

The different panels were Advertising, PR and Journalism; Architecture and Engineering; Business and Retail; Finance; Law; Media and Film; Science and Healthcare; Sport Management; and Science and Technology: Designing the Future.

The Film and Media panel was terrific with representatives from the BBC, Jazz FM and RAW pictures all explaining how to get into the industry. Equally, the Sport Management panel gave a useful insight into working in the sporting industry. Ambassadors from the Jacksonville Jaguars, Fulham FC, Target HP and St Mary’s University shared their thoughts with us.

My final talk was Advertising, PR and Journalism. A range of journalists and people working in PR talked to us about the skills required for that industry and how to get into it. We also learned what the life of a journalist entails. Representatives from Facebook, the BBC and Penguin Books all had their input.

Overall it gave us a fantastic look into what possible careers we could all choose in the future. Thank you to the careers staff for organising it.