The New Designers exhibition is an event held each year in London to showcase the work of over 3,000 students who have graduated from art and design courses around the UK. A handful of enthusiastic graphic design students from Year 9, Year 10 and Year 12 were all given the opportunity to explore this haven of design work last Thursday to help us with our coursework and as a way of inspiring us to take graphics to a higher level.

The moment we arrived at the exhibition space we were in awe of the expanse of creativity in front of us. Three levels of floor space all converged into a giant atrium featuring some of the best work from young designers in the country. The day was mostly student led after we arrived and we were able to ­look around in groups so that we could focus on the work that interested us the most and that was the most relevant to our project work back at school.

The giant atrium - Cameron Robey (Year 10)

The range of work was highly expansive; pieces ranged from animations to product and industrial design - there were even furniture showcases! Our group had the opportunity to visit the Graphic Design part of the exhibition with hundreds of designers demonstrating their ingenuity with stunning pieces of graphical design.

One of the best parts of the showcase was the ‘One Year On’ section. This was a special segment of the exhibition which was designed to house the work of designers who graduated last year and are now working as professionals. It was very intriguing speaking to exhibitors in this section as it gave us a very real sense of how the creative projects we are doing in school are directly transferrable to the job market. This was my personal favourite part of the exhibition as I remembered some of the designers from the previous year and was curious to see how they had developed. This array of creative talent will give us all the inspiration and ideas we need to create and improve our own pieces of work back at school.

Finally, on behalf of all the students involved, I would like to thank the Graphics Team and in particular Mr Ampah-Korsah for the hard work they put in to make our visit to the New Designers exhibition as successful and engaging as it was.