Ash Dickinson performs for Year 10
Writing poems

On Wednesday, Year 10 English students had the privilege of working with and listening to poet, writer, stand-up comedian, actor and performer Ash Dickinson. Dickinson started by performing various poems - including poems about music, football and about him being in love with his fridge. Many of us were surprised by his style of poetry as it was different to the anticipated 'old man reading from an old poetry book'. Ash Dickinson was not just reading but performing his poems with actions, enthusiasm and charisma - surprising and intriguing, it prompted us to take a new look at poetry.

After the performances, Dickinson gave us the chance to write our own poems including haikus about what happened when we travelled back in time and when a volcano erupted. Then we wrote poems revolving around people such as Spiderman and Alice in Wonderland and many students read their poems out, impressing our speaker with the standard and quality of the poetic talent within in the year.

It was great to see poetry in a different light for a day and a really enjoyable experience with Ash Dickinson who engaged very well with his audience.