Triumphant mathematicians

Behind the scenes - or rather, inside the walls of the tower block - a group of inconspicuous mathematicians in Years 7 and 8 have, over the course of this year, summoned their mental capabilities to answer a series of challenging maths questions on a weekly basis. Vast amounts of concentration, logical thinking and mathematical knowledge (!) have been required to attempt the brain teasers Mr Burn posted to our Google Classroom every Thursday.

This week we gathered for the first time as a group, to celebrate the 14 week feat and to issue prizes to the students who had performed best over the year - both in terms of getting the right answers, and explaining those answers in a way that would be clear and logical to the person reading it. A big pat on the back to those who have taken part in the challenges and a special thank you to Mr Burn for posting the challenges and giving up his time to mark the work handed in.

If you fancy a taste of the work we have been doing, here's Challenge 4 to have a look at:

Challenge 4Challenge 4 - worked solutions by Brendan Emmanuel and Jack Webb