Founder's Day

Once again we arrived at the annual Founder’s Day. This service at St Mary’s Church in Amersham is filled with tradition and teaches the students about the origins of Dr Challoner's Grammar School. Readings and speeches about Robert Chaloner and his views on education both amuse and inform. Hymns such as 'To Be A Pilgrim' and 'O Thou Great Redeemer' are regular favourites.

Amongst the traditional content was our latest invention - the new school song. Challoner's did originally have a school song called 'Buckinghamshire’s Four Mighty Men' but this unfortuately faded away over time. Robert Hough in Year 12 was given the difficult task of writing the lyrics for the new song. He said: 'I needed to write lyrics that could be sung by all members of the school, from teachers to Year 7s. I decided on some key aspects of the school that I thought should be included'. The lyrics fit the school's ethos and summed up life at Challoner's well. The choir introduced the song, singing one round for everyone to learn from. Nobody knew quite what to expect but we all warmed to the melody quickly. The amazing ambience and acoustic that the church provided just made the whole experience even better.

Sports Day

Sports Day is probably the biggest sign that we are on the home straight of the academic year. The fun-filled afternoon, made up of several athletic events, showcases the very best of Challoner's sporting talent. Runners sprint across the finish line, jumpers leap higher than ever before and shot-puts, discuses and javelins are hurled through the air. And of course, to accompany all the sport there is also a lot of enthusiastic shouting, yelling and cheering from the spectators and their House Captains.

The camaraderie and competition between the houses was, as ever, spirited, and students in Years 7 to 10 spared no effort when it came to house colours and costumes. Oranges and yellows, greens and blues filled the field, while flags and banners soared above. After a brilliant afternoon of competition it was Holman who secured the House Cup, in a nail-biting finish with Thorne only one point behind at the end.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon. Thanks go to Mr Whitby for presenting the event and all of the Sports staff for organising it. Well done to everyone who competed.