The Duke of Edinburgh's Award (DofE) continues to be a major focus for our Year 12 and Year 10 students here at DCGS. Over 60 students in Year 12 registered for their Gold Awards in September, and over 120 in Year 10 for Bronze. Each student completes their Volunteering, Physical and Skills sections individually, then undertakes their Expedition section in teams over the summer term.

The students have all made an excellent start. Many volunteering opportunities, such as charity shops or coaching at sports clubs, have been constrained by the latest Covid restrictions. However, many more opportunities have emerged, or are now allowable under new DofE rules, and our students are engaged in new activities such as helping neighbours and mentoring siblings.

Many students are now doing their physical activities individually rather than with sports clubs. So, we are seeing more home workouts, running and cycling challenges than in recent years. One of the most popular skills this year is cooking, with our students learning brand new skills in their kitchens and producing some really appetising dishes and cakes along the way.

Students in Year 13 and Year 11 who have been unable to complete their expeditions last summer can earn their DofE Certificate of Achievement, by completing their Volunteering, Physical and Skills sections. So far, 43 of our students in Year 11 have overcome a multitude of challenges to earn their certificates in the past few months. These are added to the five students in Year 13 who have earned their DofE Gold Awards. Huge congratulations to all of them.