We are proud to announce that we have been awarded the Association of Character Education School of Character Kitemark. This status is granted to schools that display very high standards of character education in the work that they do.

Following a review of our provision, which included a visit to the school in December 2020 Gary Lewis, Chair of the Association of Character Education presented the Kitemark and noted that the award "recognises the quality of learning, mutually respectful relationships and values-driven personal development programme which are prevalent in all aspects of your school’s provision."

Character education is an essential part of what we do at Challoner's. Underlying our motto of Excellence with Integrity we strive to develop the core values of Aspiration, Kindness and Resilience in everything that we do. Our aim is to help our students develop those characteristics in their own lives. We support them to identify and pursue the aspirations that are right for them, in the short and long term. We encourage them to understand how being kind extends far beyond being nice, and help them develop a mindset that allows them to face the many and varied challenges of life with equanimity. The essence of character education is equipping young people with the positive attitudes to enable them to flourish throughout their lives.

During his visit Mr Lewis interviewed staff and students to better understand the school's priorities and attitudes. The report includes comments on these conversations which show how our values benefit staff and students alike. This is important because it develops a shared sense of purpose, allowing everyone to flourish.

Based on conversations with staff he commented that "Several members of staff expressed their joy at working in a school where there was an obvious investment in their well-being and they relish the fact that they are trusted to take personal responsibility for their own personal and professional development." Discussions with students enabled him to note that "Students were able to relate their experiences within the school to key traits such as integrity and resilience and provided many examples of how students across the school were able to use these skills in engaging in positive and caring relationships. They were confident in expressing their ability to deal with the challenges of failure and setbacks and understood how the school’s work was making them more resilient."

These comments show the long term benefits of our work, since the character traits highlighted will stand students in good stead to meet whatever challenges their futures hold. In the coming months and years we will be working to further develop our character education provision, alongside our academic excellence.

Headmaster David Atkinson said "We are very pleased to have our work educating our students in the broadest possible sense recognised in this way. We set great store by good character, its capacity to form strong positive communities and to help individuals flourish in life. The pandemic has shown how important this is more than ever. We will continue to develop this work because future generations of Challoner's students will benefit from a school culture that promotes this."