Displaying three films, an installation, 3D work and miniature pieces; as well as large, abstract, multi-media and figurative paintings, the recent Year 13 art exhibition felt something of a happening – not least due to the fact that we as students were literally wearing and displaying the fashion pieces produced by Toby Carroll. It was this vivacity and variety which allowed the exhibition to come together as a real celebration and collection of our projects. Nevertheless, each student took ownership over their space, explaining in detail and with passion the progression, meaning and inspiration of their own work. Connection and individuality worked in unison and were appreciated harmoniously.

The range of artists, themes and styles gave the exhibition a great sense of depth, with students having explored the work of German Expressionism, pop-artist Robert Rauschenberg, feminist Louise Bourgeois and surrealist Dorothea Tanning, as well as many others.

It is a fantastic showcase of our student’s creativity and independence.

Mr Clayton

Having been originally planned in December and re-scheduled due to snow, there was fear it would go somewhat under the radar, but to the surprise of the students and teachers, the exhibition was enjoyed by a large gathering of parents and teachers. The real shame became that it could only be put on for an hour and a half and only on one evening. Nevertheless, many thanks go to Miss Jackson and the tech crew who helped to plan and set up the exhibition in such a dramatically lit and effective manner.