During November last year, Year 7 had the pleasure of taking part in a brand new house event - the House French Spelling Bee. With 143 students taking part, the first stage involved students completing an online quiz to timed conditions, testing their spelling accuracy. One section tested greetings, numbers, dates and times; with the second including numbers, months, relatives and countries.

Through the use of Google Classroom, we were given access to a wide range of resources to help us learn the plethora of words. Resources spanned from flashcards to online quizzes and helped each individual to learn in the way that was most effective for them.

After the quiz, each student was given a score and these were combined to achieve each house's score. After the first round, 7 Pearson came out on top with 7 Holman in second place.

The competition has two rounds remaining which will be completed later in the year. The second round will be similar to the first - the words will increase in difficulty however. The two best spellers from each house, the best from these rounds, will progress to the final where a classic spelling bee will take place to determine the final standings for the competition.

Well done to everyone who took part in the competition and helped contribute for their house. I would like to thank Mrs Ventham for organising this and the whole French Team for helping put together resources to make the competition as rewarding as possible.