This year's GCSE Drama visit The Caucasian Chalk Circle was thoroughly enjoyed by all who went. The visit, aimed to help us with our studies and to inspire us when creating our own performances, was performed at the striking and impressive Unicorn Theatre, located just near London Bridge. The play itself has a very complicated plot, but in a nutshell it is set in Georgia where there is a revolution and subsequently many of the governors are murdered. In one town, a maid finds the governor’s child abandoned, in the rush to escape she decides to look after him.

I have seen quite a few plays, however none yet have left me on the edge of my seat like this one did; it is full of suspense, with an interesting and symbolic use of props. Furthermore the talented actors played several parts in a way that it was hard to distinguish who they'd played previously - they transformed their look and style so effectively.

This piece is being performed until the 21st March and I'm sure I speak for everyone on the visit when I say that it is an excellent night out and you should go and see it if at all possible.

Caucasian Chalk Circle - Unicorn Theatre Site

Thanks go to the Drama team for organising the visit and the teachers that accompanied us for the evening.

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