When the Department for Education published its school league tables on 12th January, we learnt that we were the top grammar school in England in 2010 based on the progress made by its students.

Our ‘value added’ score of 1031 was not only the best for any secondary school in Buckinghamshire but also, for the first time, exceeded all the 163 other grammar schools across England. The ‘value added’ score measures the progress made by students over five years at the school and is calculated by comparing students’ scores in the tests they take at the end of primary school with their GCSE results. People sometimes think that grammar schools get good results just because they have bright children and this proves there is much more to it. We pride ourselves on adding value and are delighted by our students’ success. This result shows just how well our students develop and progress over their time with us thanks to the expert encouragement they receive here.

The school also did well in the new English Baccalaureate with 87% of its students being successful in a combination of subjects including Maths, English, the Sciences, a Language and a Humanity. This was the best performance by any school in Buckinghamshire.