On the 14th January an eager group of Year 7 were assigned by their Art teacher, Mr Ampah-Korsah, the task of building the school crest out of the abundance of snow available on the school site.

The class was given a tutorial and instructions on how to go about making an art form inspired by the works of Andy Goldsworthy (a sculptor who uses natural materials to create site-specific sculpture and land art forms).

The students were equipped with guide sticks; rolling pins; a printed copy of the school crest; masking tape; bristle brushes; drawing boards and a pottery glaze sieve. The students, under the direction of their teacher, sprung into action discussing imaginative and workable ideas to create a beautiful sculpture of the school crest out of snow.

They took pride in making the sculpture which they completed within the hour lesson and were very happy with the outcome. The students’ work received much praise and interest from their peers and staff alike. Well done 7H.