This year, 26 Year 9 students took part in the school's annual Spanish exchange. We met our exchanges at their school in the city of Murcia and went from there to their homes, where we would be staying for the week. On the first full day, we were greeted with a fantastic breakfast at the school's very prestigious restaurant. The main event was a walking tour through Murcia, which took up most of the day. Then it was back to our exchanges houses for another evening with their families. The weekend was spent with our exchanges and their families, where we went on various day trips and did many different activities. It was all great fun and an amazing new experience.

On Monday, it was an early start as we had to be at the coach stop at 6:50am for an almost three hour coach journey to Valencia. The excursion consisted of three main sites: Valencia Football Club, Valencia Oceanographic Centre and the Valencia Science Museum. All of these places were fantastic and we even got some free time in the older area of the city before we went back to Murcia. Tuesday had two exciting parts, first we visited the Spanish school and had the first lesson with our exchanges. Some of the lessons were in Spanish; a good test of our language! After that, it was off on a coach with all of our exchanges to Archena where we got to experience a naturally heated pool. It was amazing and was enjoyed by everyone. The next day was another day trip with the students from Challoner’s. We went to Cartagena where the weather was beautiful and we had a great view of the sea. After some interesting sightseeing and a stop for some delicious churros, it was off to the beach for a fun-filled last day in Spain.

It was a fantastic trip and I am glad that I didn't miss it. A huge thank you to all of the staff involved.