This year saw the 10th anniversary of my personal favourite house event, House Drama - and it really was something special.

For this particular year the focus was on technique and drama ability, whereas in previous years where points were awarded for the number of people participating from each house. This change gave breathing room to students in younger years, who upon presenting their pieces, outshone some of the older students, at times surprising us with their ability to tackle new challenges and memorise so many lines.

Rehearsals took place in the Studio over several lunch times, with each group reading through a given excerpt from Journey’s End, The Government Inspector, or Pygmalion. Creating a worthy representation of these given works presented an enjoyable challenge for everyone. For my character - the Mason, from Journey's End - I found comedy in the lines, I tried to represent this through body language, voice and mannerisms, taking shows like Blackadder for inspiration.

By the final, we all were keen to get going, and after a visit to the props room, a number of us felt we had stepped into our characters shoes and fully immersed ourselves in the role. I for example wore a pillow under my jumper and walked slowly and tiredly to show a stereotypical fat and lazy cook. We were judged by three Year 13 Drama students who as well as delivering final verdicts gave helpful advice to each performer.

Current House Competition Positions

This year, Pearson came out on top due to a stunning monologue by Year 9 Horatio Holloway that took the entirety of the audience by surprise, followed by Foxell’s performance of Journey’s End, and in third place was Rayner.