Year 10 Geographers travelled to the London Docklands to study how redevelopment has transformed the area, a key part of the Geography iGCSE course.

The day began with a visit to the Royal Victoria Docks, learning why the docks previously fell into disrepair. In particular, we studied how the containerisation of shipping had transformed the industry, and had ultimately led to thousands of job losses in the area

We then had a short walk to the Emirates Air Line to travel to the other side of the Thames. Unfortunately, due to weather conditions, the cable car was closed when we arrived. However, our patience paid off and 45 minutes later we able to board, enjoying stunning views over London and being able to see the areas the London Docklands Development Corporation (LDDC) had redeveloped. Some of the major improvements made were building the ExCeL arena, London City Airport and the O2 arena, in addition to a large amount of high quality housing.

Going underground - Ahsan Abbas -
Swinging above London - Ahsan Abbas -

After that, we caught a short train ride to Canary Wharf, where we were able to enjoy our lunch in very different surroundings to the canteen at school! Whilst enjoying our lunch, we noted down the names of the towers around us, their owners and what industries they operated in.

Our day finished with an enjoyable boat ride from Greenwich to Tower Bridge. We were able to see how the industry changed as you got closer into London before making our way back home on the train. It was a very enjoyable day and on behalf of everyone who went, I would like to thank the Geography Team for organising such a fantastic visit.

Geographers in Canary Wharf - Ahsan Abbas -