Challoner's students from a range of years were invited to the first ever 'Ask a Muslim' event to discuss misconceptions and questions about the Muslim faith. Interest among students was high as a large audience gathered to listen to the panel. The panel was made up of four students: three from the Sixth Form, including myself, and one from the lower school.

The event kicked off with a short introduction to Islam: its principles and origins. Afterwards, students were invited to ask panel members about Islamic topics about which they were curious. Questions included ‘How is halal meat prepared and why do Muslims only eat halal meat?’ and also ‘How does Islam ask its followers to contribute to modern society?’. The panel were each able to give responses whilst quoting the Quran (Islam’s Holy book) and the Hadith (authentic teachings from the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh). The audience were keen to know more, shown by the number of insightful questions.

Overall, it was a stimulating event with a great turn out. Both the audience and the panel look forward to holding a similar event in the future where they will be able to discuss more issues and questions about Islam.