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A book with the slogan of 'By teens, for teens' is the latest craze sweeping through Challoner’s. The self-help book, The 100% Book, has become quite the bestseller amongst students, all thanks to Telos, a company formed under the Young Enterprise Programme.

Meet the team - Jay Patel, Year 12

Young Enterprise is a UK-based charitable organisation that aims to improve young people’s personal and business skills. In the case of Telos, 16 students from DCGS and DCHS came together to write a book aimed to be 'the go-to guide for teenagers'. The book itself contains tips and advice on situations which teenagers are bound to encounter, but may not yet know how to deal with. The book covers education and careers, general knowledge, health, life skills and social aspects of the teenage life and provides advice useful for teenagers of any age. Some examples include: how to write a CV, public speaking and keeping motivated.

Now for Sale!  - Jay Patel, Year 12

Telos have found success since the outset. They were awarded ‘runner-up’ at the Beaconsfield High Fair in November 2015, and more recently, won the ‘Best Product’ Award at the Milton Keynes Fair on 31st January. An impressive achievement by the team; beating the other 55 contesting teams at this South East England competition! The book has also been written about in local newspapers: GetBucks, the Buckinghamshire Advertiser and the Bucks Herald were all keen to report on Telos’ recent successes.

To find out more about the company, the book, or what Telos are currently up to, check out their website and social media pages: