24 Challoner's Sixth Form students attended a lecture on Wednesday at the London School of Economics. Will Hutton, principle of Hertford College, Oxford and centre-left columnist for The Observer, was the speaker, and the lecture revolved around the contents of his latest book, How Good We Can Be. His previous book, The State We're In, is the second best selling economics book since 1994.

The speech gave students lots of optimism about the future, with Mr Hutton assuring the audience that we had the potential to create future employment opportunities, by making jobs in sectors that he not even been imagined yet. He also spoke of the need for there to be a change in the purpose of businesses from profit machines to services for the population.

Will Hutton: British capitalism is broken. Here's how to fix it.

An amusing highlight of the visit came when Hutton was queried on the possibility of lowering the voting age to 16. In response he replied cagily and what can be presumed to be a very different response to that which he not been lecturing to students.