This year's ski trip to Italy was an enjoyable trip, and the venue was a great place to ski. Luckily it snowed the day before we arrived so we were able to glide over lots of fresh snow for our first of day skiing. Our first four days saw plenty of sunshine, and we had a blast on the slopes, learning new skills and tricks and generally enjoying ourselves.

View from the bottom - Ed Chaplin, Year 11

On the last day the temperature plummeted to a chilly -10, and with heavy snow it caused some boys to stay inside for the last afternoon of skiing. These boys were treated to a wonderful afternoon in the snowpark, the location of some of the wonderful evening activities. For these activities the students enjoyed Mr Wallington-Smith's Bingo, Mr Cadman's quiz and ice-skating. In the last of these activities, ice-skating, James Hernandez shone with his routine that he had been training for when the ring was left to him at the end. He was completing spins, one foot skating and backwards skating all in one move!


The visit was very enjoyable for all those who went: the skiing was excellent, the hotel and the weather both exquisite and the activities were all great. All the boys would like to thank the Sports Team for organising the visit and all staff involved for such a fantastic experience.

Group shot - Ed Chaplin, Year 11
A mountain - Ed Chaplin, Year 11
One of the slopes - Ed Chaplin, Year 11
Preparing for descent - Ed Chaplin, Year 11
On the slope - Ed Chaplin, Year 11
At the top of the slope - Ed Chaplin, Year 11
View from the top - Ed Chaplin, Year 11
Group shot plus a moose - Ed Chaplin, Year 11