The competition begins - Jonny Rogers, Year 12

As the half term came to a close and the House Competition reached its mid-way point, House Humanities provided a vital opportunity for all houses to gring up their points total. The event was split into two age catgories, one competition for Years 7 and 8, and another for Years 9 and 10, both held in the Milton Library.

The Junior event started the competition off with three students from each form in Years 7 and 8 competiting within their houses. There were five rounds in all consisting of the three humanities all Key Stage 3 students studied, Geography, History and R.S., as well as Politics and Economics, topics that were relavtively new to many students. After a tough competition it was Rayner who claimed victory with a stunning performance from Ali Rowe in Year 7. Thorne and Holman tied in joint second place whilst Foxell, Newman and Pearson followed on.

Team discussion - Jonny Rogers, Year 12

Then it was time for the Senior competition, still based around the same five rounds but with more difficult questions. Many teams lacked members but in the end it was the dynamic duo of Luke Dawson and Joe Turrell that led Holman to victory, followed closely behind by Pearson, who only had half of their full team, while Newman claimed third place. Both competitions were great successes, and overall it was a great display of the sheer size of the school's humanitarian knowledge.