This week, the Challoner's GCSE, AS and A2 Theatre Studies groups went on a visit to London to see the award-winning production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time. Based on the book by Mark Haddon, this theatrical version, adapted by Simon Stephens at the Gielgud Theatre was incredible. The show centres around a boy with Asperger's Syndrome, Christopher Boone, who is found at the scene of a local crime, where a dog is discovered stabbed with a pitch fork. After going to the police station, Christopher travels out on a detective investigation to find who killed the dog, Wellington, which eventually leads him on a dangerous mission into London.


The set design is a marvel in itself, with the grid-like box structure seeming to symbolise Christopher's overly logical mind. Accompanied by marvellous projections, this was a highly stylised, visually appealing performance.The relatively small cast, each playing multiple rolls, performed with energy and enthusiasm, with the actor playing Christopher never leaving the stage throughout the entire performance - an astounding feat for such a complex character.

All of the students thoroughly enjoyed the trip out and the GCSE and AS classes will be writing an evaluative document to this production which will go towards their coursework in Theatre Studies. Who knows? Maybe we might see something similar from the GCSE or A level performance pieces in the future!